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A Bench in the Sun

Comedy Directed by Terry L. Wiesner

Wednesday, May 25 through June 9 nightly at 7:30 p.m.

There is no performance on Sunday June 3rd.


You will meet Burt and Harold, two longtime friends residing in a retirement home.    Spending their time bickering about how mundane their lives are the two provide comedy with conversations about bodily “mis”-functions, not being as young as one pictures oneself, and how life’s excitement stems from the past rather then the future.  Things change when Adrienne, an aging movie star, comes to reside at the home.  A competition begins as the men vie for Adrienne’s attention.   Bill Koslofsky takes on the role of Burt, the true pessimist who considers himself a realist, with no real sense of fashion.  Harold, the guarded optimist, a meticulous dresser is played by Mark Nymo.  Connie Olson is the ex-actress, Adrienne, a bit of a flirt who believes in the goodness of people and almost everything else.

“Very wise, very moving—but most of all, very funny.”  —Mel Brooks.

“A sunny comedy…it charms throughout.”  Stamford Advocate.