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Population: 485   

sponsored by Citizens Connected

Population: 485

August 22-September 1, 2018

7:30 pm  nightly

no show Sunday, August 26

Director Terry Wiesner

Best selling author Michael Perry’s popular book “Population 485” takes the
stage in his play “Population 485-Meeting our Neighbors One Alarm at a Time”.  
Like the book , the narrator returns to his native town, New Auburn, WI. after a few years away to join the village’s volunteer fire and rescue department. The play shows how neighbors help neighbors through tragedy, heartbreak with real emergencies, and danger that presents the strength of a community.


Directed by Terry Wiesner, Perry’s characters come to life on stage with local actors and actresses. Boyd Stearns takes the narrator’s role, while A.J Hakari plays Beagle. Other characters are the Chief, Brian Keeler, Lisa, Rachel Westburg, Pam ,Helen Goosby, Jed , Jeremy Westin, and Sara/Maxine, Katie Dean. These characters bring the audience to small town life through their friendships, and dedication to helping keep their
neighbors safe.


The Red Barn is proud to have Citizens Connected of New Auburn sponsoring “Population 485”. This is a leading Information Technology Solutions provider for Phone and Business. Included services are Digital TV, Broadband Internet, Telephone, Business IT services and a Tech Retail Center.  Michael Perry creates for readers the strength of living in a Midwest community as his other memoirs include “Truck, a True Story”, “Coop”, “Visiting Tom”, “The Scavengers” and “Montaigne in Barn Boots’.

In the Gallery will be Penny Perry (Michael's cousin) displaying Acrylic paintings
and ink drawings of Perry’s Framing and Stained Glass.

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