June 16-26, 2021

7:30 pm  nightly

no show Sunday, June 20

Director Brandon Brown

This David Lindsey-Abaire comedy, directed by Brandon Brown takes place in The Bristal Senior Living Facility where we meet Abby Binder who has kept a room to herself for 4 years.  It is when she has a new roommate, Marilyn Dunne, that the competition begins.  Abby is up to her tricks, but Marilyn can hold her own when she make a bet if Abby can break her endless patience, thus making Marilyn angry, she will move out.  This is only the beginning of the antics of these two gals.

Taking on the role of Abby is Mary Hankins, while Beth Halverson will play Marilyn Dunne.  Scotty, the resident aide, who tries to remain neutral, is played by Jackson Liedl.  Mandy Tietz is in the roles of Marilyn's daughter and The Woman in White, while Paul Baribeau also plays multiple roles (Marilyn's son-in-law, Zombie Butler and Masked Man)

Dave "Wire" Heinsohn will display acrylic paintings/portraits in the Gallery during the show.