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July 13- July 23

7:30 pm nightly

no show Sunday,  July 17

Directed by Cathy Jones Wolf
Musical Director John Dutmer
By John Weldman  
Musical Score by David Shire & Richard Maltby Jr.
Genre:  Musical Comedy

The classic 1987 motion picture fantasy bursts onto the stage in this unforgettable theatrical experience.  Perfect show for audiences of all ages.  Josh Baskin is sick of being an awkward kid.  At a carnival, he makes a wish to the Zoltar machine to become "big".  To his shock, his wish is granted.  After an understandably awkward beginning, Josh is forced to do "adult"things like getting a job and a girlfriend.  In the end he discovers there's much more to being an adult than he's bargained for, and learns we must all grow up at our own pace, in our own time.










The Musical

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