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May 28- June 7, 2014

Directed by Terry Wiesner


The fourth in the Don’t Hug Me series takes the audience back to the Bunyan Bar in Bunyan Bay, MN meeting Gunner and Clara Johnson, proprietors. Clara is 8 ½ months pregnant with their first child awaitingher baby shower. The weather, male vs. female outlooks on pregnancy and babies, and reality provide a series of unexpected humorous events.

Returning to the roles of Gunner and Clara are Mark Nymo and Nancy Dutmer. Joining them will be Ben Heer as Aarvid Gisselsen and Jackson Liedl as Knute Gunderson. New to the Red Barn stage is Abigail Ashlin in the role of Bernice Lundstrom. “If I Only Had a Boy”, “If Men Had Babies we’d All Be Extinct”, and “Bun in the Oven” are 3 of the original 17 songs featured in the show written by Phil Olson and Paul Olson.

Don’t Hug Me, I’m Pregnant is directed by veteran actor and director of the Red Barn Terry Wiesner. Dedicated to his craft, Terry often directs 2 of the 5 shows in a Red Barn season, including the designing and building of those sets. Terry is the Theatre Director at UW-Barron County.


Don't Hug Me: I'm Pregnant

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