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July 9-19, 2014

Directed by Cathy Jones Wolf

Musical Director John Dutmer

“Cut Loose, Footloose, take off the Sunday shoes” is the familiar lyrics to one of the musical numbers in the current musical Footloose.

Directed by Cathy Jones Wolf with Musical Director John Dutmer the show introduces us to Ren who has moved from Chicago to the small town of Beaumont. Facing many changes, the major one being no dancing allowed in the town, Ren encourages and challenges the town council and local preacher to lift the ban. In doing so young and old alike unite.

The cast includes: Isaiah Jensen as Ren, Ann Kysely as Ethel, his mother, Scott Jensen as Rev. Shaw Moore, Carol Hougdahl as Vi Moore, Haley Hong-Johnson as Ariel Moore, Bob Rogers and Mary Hankins as Wes and Lulu Warnicker, Emma Martin as Rusty, Rachel Korntved as Wendy Jo, Abby Johnson as Urleen, Jaren Paulsen as Chuck, Jonathan Nyseth as Lyle, Roger Mulderink as Willard, Boyd Stearns as Coach Dunbar, Ed Hougdahl as Principal Clark, Jennifer Albrecht as Eleanor Dunbar, Sierra Solum as Betty, Brandon Westholm as Bickle,and Garret Solum as Garvin. Chorus members include: Cailin Capra, Ali Kringle, Sidney Trotter, Madeline Peters, and Victoria Drost.

Directing experience is not new to Cathy Jones Wolf as she directed several shows in Ohio, John Dutmer has been Musical Director in many Red Barn shows over the last 14 years and could be seen on stage in The Sound of Music, Pajama Game, and Gypsy. orchestra members include Chris Fritz, Jim Hurst, Derek Westholm, Clay Steiner, Eric Grover, David Ruda, Olivia Jensen and John Dutmer.

In the Gallery during Footloose will be the Acrylic and Oil paintings of natural landscapes,and abstract subject matter on canvas by Gabrielle Ashlin.

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