A Gentleman and a Scoundrel

A Gentleman

and a


August 21-31, 2019

7:30 pm  nightly

no show Sunday, August 25

Director Terry Wiesner

This Jack Sharkey Comedy directed by Terry Wiesner introduces us to Fred Dickson, (Jackson Liedl) a young analyst in a financial bind, unable to receive an increase in pay.  He creates a plan to hire himself as his own assistant to increase his income. Unbeknownst to girlfriend Jenny (Helen Goosby) trouble ensues when she falls for this “new” assistant.

Next, the company’s credit check investigator Basil Pronker ( David Frisinger) discovers banking errors by Fred.

Come to see how Fred finds ways to make things right in this hilarious romantic comedy.


Sandra Campbell will display in the Gallery during the show.

Gentleman and a scoundrel cast.jpg