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Aug 24- Sept 3

7:30 pm nightly

no show Sunday,  August  28

Directed by Terry Wiesner
By Ray Cooney
Genre:  Comedy/Farce

Written by Ray Cooney, taking place in London, John Smith, a taxi driver is

happily involved with two women. Due to his irregular working schedule

John is married to Mary in Wimbledon, and Barbara in Streatham, neither of

which is aware of the other. Only after he tries to help an older woman about to

be mugged does his life become complicated. Being checked out at the hospital,

two different detectives, as well as his best friend trying to help, become part of

the hilarious series of events .

John Lloyd takes on the role of taxi driver John Smith, while Lindsay Czekalski

plays wife Barbara Smith, and Amber Gonske, wife Mary Smith. Boyd Stearns

is the character Stanley Gardner, Smith’s best friend. Detective Sgt Troughton is

played by Bob Rogers. Steve Demers plays Bobby Franklin and Ed Hougdahl

doubles as a reporter and Detective Sgt Porterhouse.






Run For Your Wife

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