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June 21 - July 1

7:30 pm nightly 

no show Sunday, June 25

A rare comedy with a heartfelt lesson titled Duck Hunter Shoots Angel.

The play written by Mitch Albom, author of Tuesdays With Morrie and Five People You Meet in Heaven opens June 21st at the Red Barn Theatre. In the swamplands of Alabama, two brothers, Duane and Duwell Early played by Steve Demars and Josh Czekalski, have finally shot their first duck.   Or did they?  A jaded tabloid writer (Tommy Yousten) and his trusty photographer (Walfsty Pierre) head to the south to get an exclusive.   Their skepticism turns to surprise when evidence points to a divine intervention.


The play is directed by Ann Kysely  and other cast members that add to the humorous and heartwarming tale include Brandon Brown, Laurel Wagner, Ed Hougdahl, Shannon Brown and Ian Bednarek.

Featured in the Gallery will be Don Olson’s “Oil and Acrylic Nature Paintings” on display.


Within the humor Duck Hunter Shoots Angel is a sweet allegory that interweaves magical surprises and unexpected second chances.




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