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August 3- 13

7:30 pm nightly

no show Sunday,  August  7

Directed by Holly Wiesner
By Fredrick Knott
Genre:  Mystery/Drama

The Mystery/Drama Wait Until Dark was popular as a Broadway play starring Lee Remick and Robert Duvall or in the 1960’s film version starring Audrey Hepburn and Alan Alda, this drama continues

to engage audiences.

A doll, a blind woman, a helpful husband, a neighbor girl and 3 con men bring the mystery to the stage. Holly Wiesner directs the show’s talented actors and actresses representing several local cities.

Suzy Hendrix ,played by Gabrielle Ashlin of Rice Lake, is a strong willed woman who refuses to be conned by Harry Roat played by Ben Heer, also from Rice Lake. He and his ex-con friends, Mike and Carlino, have come to the Hendrix apartment to locate a mysterious doll. Roger Mulderink from Chetek and A.J. Hakari, from Barron, take on the roles of Mike and Carlino. The trio of ex-cons fabricate a story accusing Sam Hendrix, Suzy’s husband, played by John Lloyd, representing Shell Lake, of having murdered a woman. Rice Lake’s Laurel Wagner takes the role of Gloria, the neighbor girl, whose key presence in the plot allows the audience to “see” how things are not always what they appear to be.









Wait Until Dark

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