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Banquet and Auditions

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Barney Banquet Friday, Jan 4

Lehman's Supper Club

Cocktail hour: 6:30

Dinner to follow

Cost: $20

2018 Barney Award Nominations


Best Actor In A Lead Role

Nick Sirek as Man in Chair in The Drowsy Chaperone

Bill Koslofsky as Dad in Mom’Gift

Boyd Stearns as Narrator in Population 485


Best Actress in a Lead Role

Nancy Erickson Dutmer as Drowsy Chaperone in The Drowsy Chaperone

Connie Olson as Mom in Mom’s Gift  

Kamryn Hoff as Kat in Mom’s Gift      



Best Actor in a Supporting Role

Wayne Olson as Underling in The Drowsy Chaperone

Jeremy Westin as George in The Drowsy Chaperone

Brandon Brown as Aldolpho in The Drowsy Chaperone

A. J. Hakari as The Beagle in Population 485



Best Actress in a Supporting Role

Amber Gonske as Mavis Flowers in Hallelujah Girls  

Jennifer Albrecht as Crystal Hart in Hallelujah Girls

Heidi Sirek Small as Kitty in The Drowsy Chaperone

Anna White as Brittney in Mom’s Gift   


Best Male Actor in a Minor Supporting Role

Tommy Yousten as Superintendent in The Drowsy Chaperone  

Ed Hougdahl as Gangster 2 in The Drowsy Chaperone



Best Female Actress in a Minor Supporting Role

Jill Stearns as Trix in The Drowsy Chaperone

Carol Hougdahl as Mrs. Norquist Mom’s Gift

Carol Hougdahl as Gangster 1 in The Drowsy Chaperone

Share your Talents at the Red Barn Theatre Auditions

Become a part of Summer Theatre by auditioning for the Red Barn
Theatre 58 th season on Saturday January 12, 2019 at the UW
Barron County Fine Arts Theatre beginning at 9:30 a.m.

Musical Comedy
Church Basement Ladies

( 4W,2M) features 4 distinct women’s characters

and their relationships as they organize
the food and solve the problems of a Minnesota church about to
undergo changes. Characters include an elderly matriarch and a
young bride-to-be, with ages in between as they handle a Christmas
Dinner, funeral of a dear friend, a Hawaiian Easter fundraiser and
steaming hot July wedding.

Comedy:  Lone Star Spirits

(2W, 3M) a coming “back home” fast-
paced play that takes a hilarious and sympathetic look at family,
spirituality, those who stay and those who leave their hometowns and
the ghosts that haunt us either way. Marley is hoping for a quick trip
home to a small Texas town where she grew up to visit her father but
ends up dealing with a former boyfriend, and classmate that change
the visit.

Musical:  Momma Mia

On the fictional Greek island of Kalokairi,
Sophie is preparing to marry Sky hoping her father will walk her down
the aisle but she does not know who he is. Finding her mom’s diary
with dates of 3 men who could be dad, Sophie invites all three to the
ceremony. Through the music of ABBA , the various guests, friends
and relatives as well as the three possible dads arrive
creating a fun filled award winning production.

June 9, 2019 – July 9, 2019
Performance Dates
July 10, 2019 – July 20, 2019
(no show Sunday, July 14th)
Female Roles: Male Roles:
Sophie Sheridan - Donna’s daughter Harry Bright – possibly Sophie’s father
Donna Sheridan – Sophie’s mother Bill Austin – possibly Sophie’s father
Tanya – Donna’s friend/former Dynamo Sam Carmichael – possibly Sophie’s father
Rosie – Donna’s friend/former Dynamo Sky – Sophie’s fiancé
Ali – Sophie’s friend Pepper – Sky’s friend/employee of Taverna
Lisa – Sophie’s friend Eddie – Sky’s friend/Employee of Taverna
Chorus (adult/teen) Father Alezandrios – local Priest

Chorus (adult/teen)

Comedy/Drama:   Lost in Younkers

(3W, 4M) Taking place in Brooklyn
in 1942 this play centers around two brothers, Arty and Jay, who live

with their grandmother and mentally challenged Aunt Bella, while
their father travels, desperately trying to scrape up enough money
working to pay off a his debts to a loan shark after their mother died
of cancer. These young boys learn lessons of love, responsibility and
the importance of family in this Pulitzer prize winning play.

Comedy: A Gentleman and A Scoundrel

(1W, 2M) An underpaid worker ( Fred) hires himself in disguise as his own assistant
to increase his income. Complications arrive when his girlfriend falls
head over heels for his phony self. Things get more complex when a
company credit check investigator sees the numbers are not correct.
How Fred manages to foil his own plan is the plot of this hilarious
romantic comedy.

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