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The Foreigner


 July 28 - August 8, 2015 

Imagine being so shy it is difficult to speak with strangers.  This is what happens to Charlie Baker in the play The Foreigner.

This award winning comedy introduces us to Sgt.Froggy LeSueur who often visits a fishing lodge in Georgia, and brings along his friend Charlie who is depressed  because his wife is ill.   Since Charlie is terrified to speak with those at the lodge, Froggy makes up a story that Charlie’s from an exotic foreign country and can’t speak English.  Comedy ensues when Charlie makes up his own language and when he hears the plans and gossip of those around him who have some devious plans.

Directed by Jack Starr and Holly Wiesner the cast members include:  Bob Rogers as Sgt. Froggy LeSueur, Brandon Brown as Charlie Baker, Meg Atkins, as Fishing Lodge owner, Betty Meeks, Roger Mulderink as Rev. David Marshall Lee, Gabriella Ashlin as Catherine Simms, Ben Heer as Ellard Simms, and Boyd Stearns as Owen Musser.

Local artist Don Olson will display his works in the Gallery during the show.










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