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KOLD Radio Whitefish Bay

KOLD Radio

Whitefish Bay

Aug 23-

Sept 2

7:30 pm nightly 

no show Sunday, Aug. 27


Fun, success, failure, love, and competition are words that reel in the audience in Whitefish Bay,  Minnesota for the Red Barn Theatre’s production of KOLD Radio Whitefish Bay.  Carl and Lena’s Place for Beer is the local pub for news and gossip. Karl and Lena Norquist are played by Bill Koslofsky and Connie Olson.   In the corner is a radio station where Lars Knudsen (Boyd Stearns) hosts his show Crappie Talk, and Martha Bjorkland (Amber Gonske) her Book Beat.


Due to the fact that there is only so much to talk about Crappie fishing Lars is losing his advertiser, while Martha has loads of listeners and advertisers.  Needless to say this creates some amusing events with the “UP North” flair.  


Written by Phil Olson who wrote the “Hug Me “ series KOLD radio Whitefish Bay is directed by Terry Wiesner.  Additional cast members are:  Rick Snyder as Ole Swenson, owner of several local businesses, KOLD employees:, Ed Hougdahl, Sally Baumberger,and Rick Snyder.   Ella Olson as Lars daughter, and Brandon Brown as  Sal, the Brooklyn grocer who wants to buy the radio station, and Shannon Brown as his ex-wife.


Although  Wayfarer says may be 10 reasons to see KOLD radio Whitefish Bay,  here are 4:  Lena’s bound to bring a hot dish, Ruth will sing jingles of your favorite hymns, The Piggly Wiggly will make you giggly, and Learn why the Silver Eagle Spinner is the best lure for the Crappie.



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