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Almost Maine


 June 17-27, 2015 

7:30 p.m.  nightly

No performance on Sunday, June 21


Almost Maine written by John Cariani is an ensemble play about nine different couples in various stages of falling in and out of love.  Unlike a traditional play, this is a series of vignettes in which the action of each scene climaxes in a "magiacal" moment.  With scene titles like "Sad and Glad", "This Hurts",  "They Fell", and "Her Heart"  different aspects of love in unexpected ways are presented.  Almost is a mythical town, with ordinary honest, dignified, and true people who take time to wonder about things, speak honestly and truly from the heart. 

Two actors and two actresses portray all the characters in the show. Directed by Holly Wiesner, the characters will be played by Amy Lundgren, John Lloyd, Gabriella Ashlin, and Roger Mulderink.


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