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August 2-12

7:30 pm nightly 

no show Sunday, Aug. 6


Travel back to the 1940’s to meet socialite Florence Foster Jenkins, the first lady of the sliding scale, at the Red Barn Theatre’s production of Glorious.  The play nominated for the Lawrence Olivier Best Comedy Award runs August 2 -August 12 nightly at 7:30 p.m.


Based on a true story written by Peter Quilter Glorious is based on New York heiress and socialite Florence Foster Jenkins played by Nancy Dutmer of Chetek.  The Soprano voice she hears in her headis beautiful unlike what issues from her mouth.  It is her extravagant costuming, as well as her vocals, that entertains her audiences.


Chris Hopkins Hile directs the cast including Andrew Hasty of Cumberland/Twin Cities in the role of Cosme McMoon the American pianist, her accompanist.  Steve Demars of Rice Lake is her British boyfriend, St. Clair while Ann Kysely of Cumberland plays Florence’s friend Dorothy.  Maria, the Mexican maid, who does not speak English is played by Elizabeth Checkalski.   Mrs. Verrinder-Gedge, Florence’s opposition is played by Zoe Hopkins-Hile.



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