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Don't Hug Me, We're Married

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Don't Hug Me, We're Married

August 24 - Sept. 3, 2022

7:30 pm  nightly

no show Sunday, August 28

Director: Terry Wiesner

The musical comedy, “Don’t Hug Me, We’re Married,” opens a 10-night run on the Red Barn stage on August 24 and goes through September 3 (with no show on Sunday). Directing a cast of talented comedians and musicians, Terry Wiesner wields a deft hand pacing the laughs, songs and dance in this entertaining production, the final of the RBT’s 61st season.  Well known Hardscrabble Player, Allison Rick, is directing the choreography. “Don’t Hug Me, We’re Married” is the fifth show in the smash hit “Don’t Hug Me” series of musical comedies by Phil and Paul Olson.


Set in a small bar in Bunyan Bay, MN, owners Gunner and Clara Johnson separately realize that the romance has left their long time marriage.  And so it’s time for a romance rekindling.  Adding to the action is the blossoming love between waitress Bernice and karaoke salesman Aarvid and also between Trigger (twin sister of Gunner) and Kanute, a local businessman.


Local performers include Mark Nymo (Rice Lake) as Gunner; Jill Stearns (Rice Lake) as Clara; Allison Rick (Barron) as Bernice; Jackson Liedl (Cumberland) as Kanute; Mary Ann Gunn (Trego) as Trigger; and Ben Heer (Rice Lake) as Arvid.

Ben Heer’s pen and ink cartoons will be featured in the Red Barn Gallery.

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