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Get Involved

The Red Barn Theatre is always looking for volunteers to join the fun!  Have you always wanted to be involved but didn't know how to go about it?  Now is your chance.  The Red Barn Theatre welcomes people of all ages and with all kinds of interests and talents.


Auditions are held for the plays every January at the University of Wisconsin, Barron County Campus Theatre Building.  People of all ages are encouraged to audition for the upcoming summer's plays.



Let us show you how easy it is to become a part of the arts today!  You can become involved with:


Set Design                                                   Stage Lighting


Costumes                                                    Props


Publicity                                                       Set Construction


Snack Barn Worker                                    Ticket Booth Sales


make- up                                                     Stage Manager


Set Painting                                                 Repairs/ Handyman


Red Barn Clean-up                                     Light Booth Operation


Production Coordinator                            Performing


Sound Booth Operation                            Musicians



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