Lost in Yonkers

Lost In


July 31-Aug 10, 2019

7:30 pm  nightly

no show Sunday, August 4

Director Christ Hopkins Hile

Set in the 1940’s era in Yonkers, New York we are introduced to the Kurnitz family.  Eddie (Amie Hakari) asks his mother ( Meg Atkins) if his 2 teen sons can stay with her while he works as a traveling salesman.  The boys Jay (Garrett Solum) and Arty (Patrick Pederson) encounter a very strange eventful home situation with Grandma and crazy Aunt Bella (Amber Gonske).   Add to the mix shy Aunt Gert (Rachel Westberg) as well as  their dad’s brother Louie (Rick Snyder), who is a henchman for some gangsters, to see how Jay and Arty learn lessons of love and responsibility with family.


Chris Hopkins Hile returns to the Red Barn as Director.  The Gallery will feature senior artists Gene Green, architect, from Chetek and Marylin Erickson (Nancy Dutmer’s mother) of Rockford, Illinois, and Chetek.

Lost in Yonkers cast.jpg