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It Runs In The Family

It runs in the family cast.jpg
It Runs in the Family

June 21 - July 1, 2023

7:30 pm  nightly

no show Sunday,  June 25

Director: Terry Wiesner

Ray Cooney’s wild farce, “It Runs in the Family,” will entertain Red Barn audiences June 21-July 1.  Get ready for mistaken identities, crazies, and lots of comings and goings! Terry Wiesner, assisted by Gail Gifford, directs a true community theatre of actors from multiple surrounding towns.  Carl Liden of Barron portrays Dr. David Mortimore who frantically fends off a paternity suit, an ex-wife, punkish offspring and other kooks in order to deliver a lecture at an international conference.  Also coming from Barron to appear on the RBT stage is Beth Halverson portraying Matron.  Representing Rice Lake are Jake Donze as Dr. Hubert Bonney, Brandon Brown as Sergeant, Boyd Stearns as Bill, Carson Donze as Leslie, Jill Stearns as Sister, Amie Hakari as Sir Willow Drake, and Casey Peckham as Mother. Tommy Yousten of Cumberland is Dr. Mark Connolly, Ella Jansen of Turtle Lake plays Jane Tate and Rachel Westberg of Chetek is Rosemary Mortimore.


Driftwood is the featured medium in the work of Joe Stuntz, the artist in the Gallery for this second show.  Area residents may have seen his whimsical fish and mobiles at the Dancing Bird Studio in Cumberland.


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