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The Red Velvet Cake War

August 19-29, 2015

no show Sunday, Aug. 23


This  Southern comedy, written by Jesse Jones, Nicholas Hope, and Jamie Wooton ,zeroes in on family and sisterhood .  Set in Sweetgum, Texas we meet

three cousins who get into a tangle with their aunt about who makes the best

Red Velvet Cake.


The play centers around Gaynelle ( Sue Sather-Larson) who has recently

“accidentally” crashed her car into her husband’s mistresses double wide.

Meanwhile Aunt LaMerle (Teresa Olejniczak) has cancelled the Verdeen

family reunion. So cousins, Peaches (Mary Hankins) and Jimmie (Amber

Gonske) , immediately see the opportunity for Gaynelle to host the reunion.

This becomes an uphill battle as a parade of eccentric relatives arrive on the

hottest day in July in the middle of Texas tornado season.  Those relatives

include Cee-Cee/Mamma Doll, ( Carol Houghdal) Elsa, (Sharai Hefty),

Newt, (Rick Snyder), Bitsy, (Rachel Westburg) and Purvis/ Sheriff ( Ed Houghdal).  As things spin out of control the audience will wish their family

reunions were this much fun.


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