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Bus Stop

Bus Stop cast.jpg

Bus Stop

August 3-13, 2022

7:30 pm  nightly

no show Sunday, August 7

Director: Kathy Fladten


"Bus Stop,” the 4-time Tony nominated play by William Inge, returns to the Red Barn Theatre stage on August 3 and continues through August 13 for 10 performances.


Under the capable direction of Kathy Fladten (Barron), this 1955 classic play brings together 8 people who have become stranded in a small town Kansas diner during a howling blizzard. Their stories, hopes, fears and dreams are revealed through an appealing mix of drama and comedy as portrayed by area acting veterans  Carol and Ed Houghdahl (of Clear Lake); Emma McNulty (Cumberland); Boyd Stearns (Rice Lake); Ella Olson (Chetek); Amie Hakari (Rice Lake); Jackson Liedl (Cumberland); and Bob Rogers (Chetek).  The art of artist Emily Marinoff will be featured in the Red Barn Theatre Gallery.



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